IRI 2008 - Panel    



The Role of Information Search and Retrieval in Economic Stimulation


July 13, 2008  [5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.]


Many studies to date have demonstrated that information reuse and integration can produce ever-more intelligent systems for use in various application domains. What is less widely recognized however is that indexing, searching, and retrieving relevant information from free-form text can be a source for creativity in design, analysis, and justification. When coupled with multimedia and CAD/CAM for presentation, such reuse and integration can allow for the formation of better corporate strategies. For example, some very early automotive designs were for electric vehicles. What was principally lacking however was an efficient portable electric power source. The availability of protoforms for natural language search and retrieval would serve to better enable the discovery of newer battery technologies (e.g., lithium ion) by automotive manufacturers - including startup companies - across the spectrum from theories to experimental models to models having part numbers and volume pricing. Making this a productive and enjoyable experience for the user will best serve the goals of economic stimulation.



Stuart H. Rubin, [Panel Co-chair] SPAWAR Systems Center (SSC) San Diego, USA,

Shu-Ching Chen, [Panel Co-chair] Florida International University, USA,


Dr. Lotfi A. Zadeh, BISC, UC Berkeley, USA
Dr. Hojjat Adeli, The Ohio State University, USA
Dr. Mohammad Rifaie, Royal Bank of Canada, Canada
Dr. Gordon K. Lee, San Diego State University, USA
Dr. Kang Zhang, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Dr. Reda Alhajj, University of Calgary, Canada
Dr. Gary D. Boetticher, University of Huston - Clear Lake, USA
Dr. Du Zhang, California State University, USA


























Madjid Fathi
Professor and Director of Knowledge Management Center
University of Siegen, Germany

Professor Fathi is senior member of IEEE and the General Chair of International Conference on Knowledge Management for Composite, Nano and Fuel Cell technology, July 2007 in Germany. Right now he is the Chair of Institute of KBS & Knowledge Management at the University of Siegen in Germany. Before he accept this position he was Research Professor at Georgia Tech., Lab for Micromechanics.

He was Head of Division of Computational Engineering of NASA Center for Intelligent System Engineering - ISE -and Research Professor on Center of Autonomous Control Engineering - ACE,USA. He did his college at the RWTH Aachen, Germany, M. Sc. in Computer Science Univ. of Dortmund, Germany; Ph.D. in Mechanical Eng. Univ. of Dortmund, Habilitation (above Ph.D.) Computer Science Univ. of Ilmenau Germany. He has published over 150 papers from them 4 are acknowledged as best Paper Award.

As General Chairman of (IPMM'2001, Vancouver) and Co- Chairman of (IPMM'1999, Hawaii), Inventor and Conference Chairman of (ISSCI'96 Montpelier), (MIP'98 Anchorage), (MIP'2000 Maui), and Co-Chairman of ICCE (from 94-02).Associate Editor(AutoSoft Journal, IEEE transaction -SMC, part B), International Journal on Medical Imaging, Japan and international Journal on Science and Engineering, Isfahan. Worked in various positions and cooperated at many national and international locations. As Director of Research Center for Knowldge Management and Intelligent System - KMIS- lead a large of different academic team of researchers and educators which has, thus far, resulted in over 50 thesis in Germany and USA.